Future Economy Series: Gaps, Opportunities & Priorities (Transportation)

Future Economy: Gaps, Opportunities & Priorities (Transportation)

Where Will We Go? The Transition to a Clean Transportation Economy in BC

Emissions from the transportation sector are a major contributor to climate change, accounting for 38% of carbon emissions in BC.
How can we support a clean transportation economy in BC, create jobs and wealth while aligning with policy? Can BC meet its CleanBC goals in the transportation sector while effectively moving people and goods across the province? What role can BC play in the global transition to a clean transportation infrastructure?
Join this dynamic online discussion and hear about the competitive advantages, gaps in the sector, and how the transportation sector can align with larger-scale goals of export and economic development for the province and CleanBC/sustainability goalsP.S. They’ll be time for Q&A, so come prepared with questions.
Sep 9, 2020 01:00 PM in Vancouver
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